JMS Building

The J.M.S. Building was built by John Mohler Studebaker, Vice-President and later President and Chairman of the Board (after brother Clement's death) of the Studebaker Corporation. The J.M.S. Building was designed by Solon S. Beman, a Chicago architect who is best known for his design of Pullman, Illinois. The Classical Revival style is evident in the expression of the structural system, with the tripartite division of a classical column including a base, shaft, and capital. The embellishments of the string courses, cornice, keystones and piers, along with the use of white terra-cotta, reflect the influences of "The Great White City" in architecture. Alterations to the building's exterior have taken place at the street level and uppermost story. Black marble replaced the original classical entrance. It also covered the pilasters except
for the last one on the far north side of the Main Street facade. Store front windows have been replaced with more contemporary windows and frames. Most original interior features have been lost over the years with the exception of the lobby, which features a marble stairway and paneling, brass elevator doors, and a classical cornice. Other existing interior features include the elaborate bank vault with its 12-ton door (located in the basement) and original staircase balustrades.
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